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Searching for retirement planning services in Annapolis, Maryland? At RCS Financial Planning, our retirement planning services are the cornerstone of almost every wealth plan. We want to make sure that you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle across what could be thirty or more years in retirement.

While there is a widespread focus on building assets for retirement, the most crucial part of your retirement plan is the income you receive from those assets. This is the income that will replace your paycheck and fund your retirement goals and dreams. 

That's why we plan around your needs, wants, and wishes to develop a strategy that can help maximize your retirement goals and income while ensuring this income can support a long, comfortable retirement. 

● We begin the retirement planning process by ensuring you cover your minimum retirement needs and adjust for inflation over time. This includes items such as groceries, mortgage, transportation costs, and especially healthcare. These costs are static and not subject to adjustments.
● Next, we determine your wants. These are the items you want to do but are willing to adjust to make the plan work. For instance, you may want to spend $10,000 a year in travel or fund your grand-kid's college education. 
● Finally, we work to include your wishes in your plan. These are items that would be nice to have, but that you would be willing to forgo if they meant undue sacrifices during your retirement years. Some of your wishes may include paying for grandchildren's college education or leaving money to heirs or charity.  

Talk to RCS Financial Planning today about incorporating a smart retirement plan into your overall wealth plan.

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