RCS Financial Planning Services

What We Do
We created RCS Financial Planning to address all of the most critical areas of your financial plan. Our services include:
● Comprehensive financial planning
Retirement planning
● Investment planning and investment management
● Social security planning
● Tax planning
We customize all of our services for each client’s situation. Our responsibility does not end there. As you encounter bumps in the road, changes in goals, or any other roadblocks, we are there to offer advice and guidance. We are there to celebrate your successes and cope with your challenges. We work alongside your other professionals, such as your attorney and your CPA to be sure all of your legal, tax and financial strategies are aligned.

Who We Serve
While we work with a wide array of clients, we specialize in serving the planning and investment needs of pre-retirees and retirees, small business owners, and employees of small and large companies. Many of our clients are:

1. Accumulators: We provide financial planning for millennials. Individuals who are conscientious, proactive, goal-driven and career orientated who often don't have the time to address their planning complexities alone.
2. Pre-Retirees: Those quickly approaching retirement and need to begin series planning
3. Retirees: Those already retired with complex needs that only a true Fiduciary Financial Advisor can address.

Our clients often have these things in common:
● They’re busy, and they work hard
● They want a plan for their immediate needs and plan a secure retirement
● They want to work with one financial team for all of their planning needs
● They enjoy working with a team they can trust to help them look forward to retirement

Get Started Now!
We only take on new clients who we believe we can help. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your goals and discuss how we may be able to work together. To get started, please schedule a 15 minute phone call with us.

Personalized financial planning, investment planning & tax planning

Our Fiduciary Financial Advisors create a step-by-step plan you can use to achieve your financial goals.

Starting Out

The first step to improving your financial health requires a complete examination of your behavior, habits, beliefs, and mindset. We provide the education and support to help you navigate the competing priorities for your hard-earned dollars.
RCS Financial Planning Services
Foundation services
  • Cashflow Summary
  • Budget Creation
  • Budget Tracking/Coaching (2)
  • Debt Paydown Strategy
  • Net Worth Assessment
  • Advisor Access Anytime!
/ Month
Let's Get Started


Now is the time to get serious about saving and planning! We work together to craft your plan, and stay with you every step of the way.
RCS Financial Planning Services
Foundation services
RCS Financial Planning Services
  • Goals Identification
  • Goals Planning
  • Workplace Retirement Plan Advice
  • Tax Advantaged Savings
  • Insurance Needs Assessment
    (Life, P&C, Car, etc.)
  • Advisor Access Anytime!
/ Month
Start Accumulating

Wealth Builder

Your financial life has many moving parts. We are here to put the puzzle together so you stay aligned with your plan and keep striving for your desired goals.
RCS Financial Planning Services
Foundation services
RCS Financial Planning Services
Accumulator services
RCS Financial Planning Services
  • Account Aggregation
  • Ongoing Investment Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Coordination of Estate Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Bi-Annual Portfolio & Plan Review
  • Long Term Care Insurance Needs Assessment
  • Advisor Access Anytime!
Max 1%
Fee of AUM (1)
Start Building Wealth
Hourly Planning at $300 per hour
1: $300,000 minimum investment; otherwise we will bill a combination of monthly fees directly in addition to the quarterly AUM fee

2: If needed; Budget Coaching consists of a series of meetings over the course of  the first 6 months to ensure you are comfortable with the budgeting process and to keep you accountable!

This service and fees schedule is not intended to be prescriptive; but rather provide you with an expected cost of receiving professional services from RCS Financial Planning. The complexity of your personal situation may dictate a variation from these listed fees.